TDG tailors professional Traffic Management and control solutions to meet the needs of government bodies and large & small business. The team at TDG are experienced and committed to providing the following key services.

Our Services

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Traffic Management Services

Traffic Controllers

We offer our clients the ability to access Victoria’s largest team of fully accredited Traffic Controllers and Team Leaders.

TDG has over 500 qualified and licensed traffic controllers on call. Our staff are all experienced, well trained, professional and accredited. In addition, many staff are also certified with Level 2 First Aid and Cert 3 in construction.

All TDG staff have extensive field experience and are fully accredited with latest industry credentials in addition to holding a current construction Industry Card (White Card). TDG staff are required to adhere to a strict PPE code at all times and we operate a documented zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, which combined with regular screening, ensures that we provide the best, most capable staff on any given project.

Our Fleet

TDG maintains a fleet of over 200 specialised Traffic Management vehicles that meet or exceed Australian Standards.

All vehicles are late model and equipped with all requirements for each job.

The TDG vehicle fleet is constantly upgraded and maintained at the highest state of readiness to ensure that a reliable and cost-effective vehicle solution can be tailored to meet any project or budget.

TDG can provide:

  • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) for crew shadowing and additional crew safety at busy worksites
  • High-deck and custom low-deck fully equipped work trucks with integrated B Class arrow boards
  • One-tonne vehicles with integrated B Class arrow boards and signage for smaller projects
  • Trailer-mounted hydraulic C Class arrow boards for highway work
  • Trailer-mounted VMS boards
  • Other site-specific equipment as required

Traffic Planning

Training and Development

Other Services

Swept Path Analysis

Traffic Diversions Group are now offering our customers access to Swept Path Analysis.

As part of our commitment to innovation, TDG now has access to the latest Computer Animated Design (CAD) software from the US which allows us to perform comprehensive Swept Path Analysis for our clients in-house. Our experienced Planning team can create computer-generated simulations of vehicles of varying sizes and lengths moving through your worksite so we can ensure they will have sufficient space to manoeuvre. That eliminates costly disruptions and delays to construction for our clients and ensures improved safety on site.

Our Planning team are fully trained in the usage of the new technology and can help ensure your planned layout can safely accommodate any expected vehicle manoeuvres.